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a solo album by Derek King

Recording and production by Crosstown Studios, Liverpool


"Sometimes" is all about being human.

These songs tell everyday tales about life's ups and downs, about sometimes winning and sometimes losing.  I hope to stir a range of emotions in you, dear listener, but ultimately to leave you uplifted....


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"King is patently a very capable guitar player, a malleable songwriter and an honest lyricist..."


Alastair Darling

Out in The Crowd

"....the songs give so much pleasure because the sheer honesty in the man comes bounding out of the album and greets the listener with arms wide open. Such is the joy, such is the set of songs to be explored; Sometimes that’s all that is needed."

Ian D. Hall

Liverpool Sound and Vision




"A lovely album - some fine playing!"

Liverpool Bands





"Sometimes... is a set of songs that breathe existence because they are written with honest endeavour and the seeking of personal experience, there is no fluff, no concept of unwarranted desire in the tracks, just a simple purity that is hard to shake."


Liverpool Acoustic




Reviews for "Sometimes"

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