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the second solo album by Derek King

Recording and production by Crosstown Studios, Liverpool

"Seasons bring us constant change,

Dry spells must give way to sweet refreshing rain,

The song doesn't always have to stay the same...."

"Seasons" is a collection of timeless songs, taking the listener through a series of changing moods and emotions, just as the seasons bring us constant change through the year.

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Reviews for "Seasons"

"'Seasons' carries on from where 'Sometimes' left off, a selection of songs written from the heart and performed with grace and sincerity in the soul."

Ian D. Hall

Liverpool Sound and Vision





"It is with huge and bountiful respect that the listener will find themselves in the company of Derek King’s latest album and whilst the seasons come and go with ever increasing regularity as you get older, 'Seasons' is a time to reflect on the joy that come from this world."



Liverpool Acoustic




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