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For all sorts of reasons not everyone can be happy at Christmas.  


As a confirmed grumpy old geezer Derek has recorded this wry and amusing take on the trials and tribulations of a modern Christmas, where we are forced to spend cash we don't have on things we don't really need..... 


100% of the proceeds from this single will be donated to the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) charity.

Listen to the clip on the Soundcloud link and if you like what you hear see below to either download the track (along with two bonus tracks) for just £1 (or more if you are feeling generous).


Remember, 100% of all profits go directly to CALM.

THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST LIVING MISERABLY, or CALM, is a registered charity, which exists to prevent male suicide in the UK.   Male suicide accounts for 76% of all suicides here and is now the single biggest cause of death in men aged under 45 in England and Wales. 


Registered Charity Nos 1110621 (Eng & Wales) SC044347 (Scot)

You can download from Bandcamp for just  £1 and get two bonus tracks FREE.




Bah Humbug!


Derek's alternative Christmas song....!

Or download from iTunes or Amazon here

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