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With songs about the ups and downs of life and love, and the odd bit of topical content thrown in, Derek is very much a songwriter for today.


Having been a musical performer for most of his adult life, Derek's musical journey began at the tender age of 16 when he played bass guitar in a post punk "new-wave" band.  The band went on (without him!) to become the "the Vapors" and enjoyed a respectable amount of success and a couple of top ten hits.  Having the wrong hair-style for the Vapors meant that Derek went in his own musical direction.



A singer-songwriter for today

Derek has played in various bands before more recently finding his niche as a solo singer-songwriter.  His song "Perfect Days" was awarded a "Commended Entry" certificate in the 2012 UK Songwriting Contest and in 2013 and 2014 his entries "Beautiful in Blue" and "To Be a Boy" were both finalists in the prestigious Liverpool Acoustic Songwriting Challenge.


A regular performer around Liverpool's acoustic music scene, Derek is also an enthusiastic promoter of local music and co-hosts regular events with Liverpool Acoustic.

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